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Five jaded young friends foolishly dabble in the dark arts and unleash Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead, on an unsuspecting New England island. As the body count rises, the survivors must figure out a way to defeat the powerful creature as they fight not only for their lives, but for their very souls.
You guessed it kids, it's a low budget American horror comedy that desperately wants to be The Evil Dead. It isn't, but nor is it terrible. Yes, the dialogue is clunky (and that's being kind), and yes the acting fluctuates between very bad and truly appalling, but if that's why you watch movies you probably won't be reading a review of a movie called Ancient Evil 2 anyway. These kind of movies succeed, not because they could be made, but because they WERE when perhaps it was too much to ask. It's the ambition that I love. Well, we've only got £400 left, and we still need to make our Egyptian Mummy beast. It's this 'we don't give a damn if it looks a bit shoddy' attitude that really adds charm. Ultimately then, a genuine Z-grade horror comedy, that you might find surprisingly enjoyable.
This is one of those pure schlock movies that might be fun with a bunch of sharp witted friends. You could watch it and everyone would make funny comments, resulting in general hilarity. The only problem with this scenario is anyone with any wit at all would shortly tape down the fast forward on the controller.<br/><br/>There are no spoilers in this one. It manages to do that all by itself. A bunch of kids and some heavily stereotyped rural folk run up against a monster from Egypt in the woods. At least it doesn&#39;t appear to take itself too seriously, with dialog punctuated by silliness and absurdity. Wink wink, nod nod, we know this is pathetic too.<br/><br/>The best part of the movie is Noel Francomano who plays the wigged out goth chick so well that she manages to be funny, creepy, and hot all at the same time. I&#39;d like to see her in a real movie. The guys all remind you of someone you went to college or high school with that came to a party and never left – the one you find passed out behind your sofa the next day moaning and complaining: &quot;Where&#39;s my jacket man…&quot;.<br/><br/>Enuff said. Short of a casual gathering, passing the time making jokes scenario, leave this one on the shelf.

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